Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Indies Flash: Og Hunt Alone

by Michael Seese

Sometimes I really enjoy this writing thing. Take, for instance, this week's Indies Unlimited. Win or (more likely) not, I had fun with this story.

Here was the photo to work with.

As I've mentioned before, the Indies folks provide 50 or so words that you can use as your starting point. I rarely do. This time, I had to. The written prompt was:

Og hunts alone. The others drove Og away because they believed he was bad luck. Always, Og would make a mistake on the hunt that would anger the others.

Og sees the thorn-heads and wonders how he could bring one down alone. As they graze, Og creeps forward.

Long before he comes close enough to throw his spear, his foot gets stuck in the mud. Og struggles, but that only makes it worse.

Og hears something that makes his heart thump big. It is the howl of the sharpfangs. They have seen him. Not a good day for Og…

And here is "Og Hunt Alone."

Og hunt alone. Og good hunter. Og get many hunt-things. Og no share.

Og once hunt with tribe. But Og tribe leave Og. Og tribe say Og make much noise. Scare hunt-things.

Og tribe stupid.

Og hunt at night. Og eyes good. See in dark. Og good hunter.

Og sneak past stone-face-god. Og good sneaker. Og see many stags. Stags strong. Fight Og. Og no like stags. Og see two white-tails. Og like white-tails. Og hold beat-stick. Og hold tie-vines.

Og ready. Og no need tribe. Og lone wolf.

“AAAAHHHHOOOO!” Og make wolf call. White-tails run away.

Maybe Og tribe right.

Og have bad luck in loud-beat-land. Og try red-moons-land.

Og see she-wolf. Maybe fox. Og move slow. Fox turn head. Og hide. Og crawl along sticky grass.

Og crawl close. Og ready.

Og jump!

Og grab leg of fox. Fox kick. Og not care. Og strong. Og used to it.

Fox spray hot in Og eyes. Og not used to that. Og eyes hurt. Og scream. Og let go. Og crawl to man cave. Find water. Og wash eyes in round white whoosh lake. Og eyes feel better. Og get drink at lake too.

Og ready to try again. Then moons go away. Suns come up.

“Closing time!” drink-god yell.

Og put away beat-stick. Og put away tie-vines. Og put away breath-good. Og sad. Smart-pretty hunt-things not like Og. Smart-pretty hunt-things not like Og caveman approach.

Og go home alone.

Maybe Og try dating website.

My spell-check really hated this one.

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