Monday, November 3, 2014

Castle: "Meme Is Murder"

by Michael Seese

I enjoyed this episode. 


Watching "Meme Is Murder," I noticed two twists which, while perhaps not unique, are uncommon in CastleLand.

1. Usually, the killer is someone interviewed early on, though not even remotely considered a suspect.
2. The non-suspect is revealed to be the killer in the last five minutes.

But in this case...


1. The first time we saw the killer, Beckett was pretty sure she had her man.
2. He was arrested at the 40-minute mark. (I checked.) For the remainder of the show, the team raced to rescue his next two would-be victims.


Boasting aside: As soon as Adam (in custody) said "tiled walls and stale air," I knew where the next victims were being held.

Oh, and I appreciated a device the writers have used in the past, shifting from the victim's scream to Castle's warm-up scream.

As always, funny dialog left and right from (most often) Castle's mouth.

Castle: "I'm tapping into the whole 360-degree media environment."

Beckett: "You nailed playing yourself. That's impressive."

Funny aside: I suppose I could go back and re-watch, but I could swear I heard a "ding" when Castle and Beckett tapped their paper coffee cups. Of course, perhaps that was Adam's camera shutter...

Castle: "And who better than an acupuncturist to kill with accurate punctures?"

Castle: "Human sausages... In November! I'm not getting anywhere with this."

And I may be wrong, but I don't think Lanie has said "lividity" once this season. (In case you'd forgotten, for a while it seemed like she said the word every show.)

A few picky things:

- Maybe I missed a folding screen in Abby's apartment, but exactly how did Adam manage to snap a photo of her face without being seen?

- How did Adam even know who Beckett was when he snapped the photo of her and Castle? (I suppose you could argue that it was widely known that famous author Richard Castle aided the NYPD, so he assumed she was a homicide detective.)

- I can appreciate that Ryan and Esposito needed to be cautious when exploring the high school locker room. But there was no evidence that Adam had an accomplice. So their guns-drawn maneuvering seemed a little odd.

What did you like / hate most about "Meme Is Murder?"


  1. I LOVED the video at the end. Cracked me up!
    But... see, I can be nitpicky, too. I just don't see the cops moving around in that city SO FAST! They had SEVEN minutes. It would have taken that long to just get out of the building! Sometimes you just have to look past that, though and enjoy the ride. :)

    1. Actually, I did mean to cite the video at the end. You're right. It was great.