Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flash! Friday: Bulls-eye

by Michael Seese

Here we are again...

Quick aside: Castle review coming soon.

So I was lazy yesterday, and ONLY wrote one story.

This week, we were tasked with marrying this picture...


... and a parking lot setting. I contemplated for quite some time. Then the first line came to me, and I wrote the rest in about 15 minutes. Here is "Bulls-eye."

Uneven and rutted.

My life is this parking lot.

Asphalt can be patched. But the fractured foundation remains, lurking, hidden. Aching to crumble again. To truly fix things, you need to start all over.

The weight of the gun surprises me. This has been the week for surprises. I still can't believe she moved out. I thought we were strong, stable. Apparently she felt my apologies were just cold patch.

The parking lot is deserted. Just three cars, belonging to me, her, and her manager, who always stays ten minutes more to close up.


She leaves the store. I get out, and walk toward her quickly. I want this over with.

"Gloria," I say. She jumps.

"Ted? What are you –"

"I have something for you," I say as I pull the gun from my pocket. I hand it to her. "I know it was your Dad's."

She laughs. "Yeah. I'm probably the only girl in the world with a sentimental attachment to a firearm. Thanks. Listen, I... Thanks, Ted."

She gets in her car and drives away without asking why I wore gloves in July. And won't she be surprised when she learns that her precious Colt, as of 20 minutes ago, officially became a murder weapon. 

Please share any and all (clean) thoughts.

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