Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flash! Friday: No Escape

by Michael Seese

Something a little different -- at least when compared to the last few -- I think. This week, we were presented with this picture.

And the stated setting was "a downtown." I came up with the first two lines pretty quickly, then pondered the rest a while. So here is "No Escape."

Our town has a Main Street. Correction: our town is Main Street, and not a whole lot else. I doubt much has changed since the days when the wooden Indian keeping watch over Connor's Cigar Store was alive and kicking.

Boredom here is a low-hanging fruit, plentiful, ripe, and waiting to be plucked by anyone young enough to be restless. My friends and I all had escape plans. The lazy ones turned to alcohol or TV-induced coma. Others thumbed a ride out on a semi passing through; their inevitable response to "Where you headed?" being "Anywhere else." A few of the radical kids studied hard, and went away to college.

As I haunt Main Street, I see the next generation sitting around, wasting their lives, languishing in the same stupor we did. I want to grab them by their shoulders, shake them, and say, "Wake up! There is something beyond."

But I can't.

You see, most exit strategies allow for a round trip. Mine – jumping off the water tower – did not. But somehow, even in death, I'm still here. Devoid of life, just like Main Street.

In the movies, lost souls are told, "Go to the light." But which direction does one go when there's no light to be found?
As always, I'm happy to hear your thoughts on "No Escape."

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