Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Soft Landing

by Michael Seese

Hot on the heels of "The Great Flood" comes "The Soft Landing," courtesy of Janet Reid.

As always, we are limited to 100 words, which must include:
plott  (note the number of t's in this word)
At first I thought a horror story would be cool. I started with the idea below -- a husband taking his wife on a balloon ride -- but then changed it to what you see.

So here is "The Soft Landing."

I'd plotted for months. For our tenth anniversary, we were going on a balloon ride. Sort of...

She'd always wanted to skydive. So I contrived with the balloon operator. I had her wear a harness, "for safety purposes." Under my windbreaker I'd concealed a parachute. At 5,000 feet, I hugged her and latched us together.

"Trust me," I said before jumping.

She didn't dare open her eyes. "We're flying!" she gushed.

We touched earth. She lay there, smiling and still.

She remained that way.

Ten years of marriage, and my wife had never told me she had a bad heart.

So, what do y'all think?

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