Thursday, November 19, 2015

Castle: Cool Boys

by Michael Seese

We watch Castle, in part, because we enjoy the leads and the interactions between them. But let's be honest. We've "known" them for 7+ years now. So they probably have become slightly less interesting to us. That's why it's great when the writers can introduce a memorable character to stir the pot.

I felt that way about "The Nose." And I would say the same for Detective Ethan Slaughter, who made a return in "Cool Boys." 

Part of his charm is, much like Mia The Nose, he doesn't CARE that people don't like him. But even more than her, Slaughter takes Castle out of his game.

Witness Castle's facial expressions -- aka the looks -- which ranged from surprise to fear to disgust to amazement to amusement.

Plus, it's obvious to me that Slaughter is the man Castle envisions himself as being.

Suffice to say, this was a funny episode. The writer's gave Slaughter so many good lines. (Or, there were good lines about him.)

Martha: "Don't 'mama' me, darling."

Slaughter: "This whole thing's a little above my intellectual paygrade."

Slaughter: "We're like Butch and Sundance."
Castle: "You know they died, right?"

Castle: "Flowers are a nice thank you gift. A giant Rambo knife... That's psychotic."

Slaughter: "Criminal Good Will Hunting."

Slaughter: "I'm not role model material."
Castle: "He's really not."

Castle: "You know you can take out the SIM card, right? I've lost more phones in this line of work."

Quick aside: It would be fun to know exactly how many. Two others immediately come to mind.

Castle: "Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm trying to be scared. I just keep picturing you doing jazz hands."

Quick aside 2: That might be one of the funniest Castle lines EVER.

Louis: "You've got that kind of clout with the mayor?"
Slaughter: "Hell, no. But Castle does."

Speaking of Louis, I loved his rapid-fire explanation of how he found Slaughter by hacking his life.

And, though we didn't get "lividity," Lanie gave us a new great word: exsanguination.

Picky aside: Something both my wife and I noticed... In the opening scene, where Ryan, Esposito, the SWAT team are attacking, why didn't Ryan and Espo get helmets?

As I write (and post) this, I realize "The Last Seduction" already has erred. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say the video call where (ostensibly) an attorney asks about divorce is a complete red herring.

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  1. Already has erred? You mean aired?
    Yeah, this was a fun episode. The next one's pretty good, too! Yep, I've already watched it.