Saturday, November 28, 2015

Flash! Friday: Fear

by Michael Seese

A busy day yesterday. You see, in Chagrin Falls on the day after Thanksgiving they light the big Christmas tree in the center of town. We always have friends over for the event, which means we spent the day...


As a result, I only managed to come up with one story for Flash! Friday, despite the (short) word count of 150 +/- 10.

Harking back to previous years, Rebekah chose to have us incorporate one specific story element -- in this case the character of a hunter -- and his picture.


(It's Stockholm, BTW.) 

My story is called "Fear." 

I own the night.

In truth, I own the day as well. But with the sun riding high overhead, you lose me in the hustle and bustle, the grit and grind of your harried and hurried existence.

Once darkness falls, I seep into your psyche by hissing in your ear two simple words. 

I'm here.

You then see me in every shadow, my minatory smile more unsettling than a snarling tiger. You laugh at me, only because your quivering lips are too dry to whistle past yet another graveyard.

When you were a babe, safe and secure in your mother's arms, you knew me not. But I crept into your consciousness through the creak of floorboard, the wail of the wind, the screech of an owl.

As you grew older, I found new ways to infuse myself in your very fiber, so that now I inhabit your life.

I own the night. And in time I will own you.

There is no Janet contest this week.


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