Monday, November 23, 2015

Castle: The Last Seduction

by Michael Seese

So, have we turned the corner on the Caskett separation? Only time (and future episodes) will tell. But in the meantime, we got a slight break in the break (or a "timeout from the timeout") in "The Last Seduction."

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It was replete with both humor and wistful weepiness. (For some reason, my spellcheck wants to make the latter "creepiness.)

Overarching it all was the ongoing spat between Ryan and Esposito. It's been brewing for a few weeks now, and finally the kettle came to a boil. (OK, the worst analogy EVER.)

But a lot of humor came from their pain.

Ryan: "I am not jealous you passed the sergeant's exam."
Esposito: "Tell that to the hole in my ass."

Castle, hearing Ryan's Esposito impersonation: "That was a good Espo. Only you didn't say 'Yo.' "

Then, when Esposito was "praising" Ryan: "Normally, his slow-as-molasses ass is never that fast."

Another great scene took place in the sauna. (And not just because the ladies were walking around in towels.)

I loved Hayley's opening line: "The regals have landed."
Then the scene ended with Beckett lamenting, "Yup, she's running in the towel."

Though my favorite vignette of all had to be Castle's infiltration into Lindsey Trent's office. Specifically, the fallout, as he is being forcefully led down the hall, and Lindsey says, "No way you could fool me." Then the camera pans over to a red-headed woman pushing the mail cart the opposite way. And once the mission has been accomplished, Alexis gives Castle the finger-on-nose sign. I re-watched that bit twice.

A few other noteworthy lines...

Alexis: "He's already on wife number 3."
Castle: "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Beckett: "By sending my husband to the city's top divorce attorney?"
Esposito: "Happy anniversary."

Speaking of the anniversary, I thought it was touching that they decided to forgo their dinner to coach Ryan and Espo. And, yes, it was rather heavy-handed to hear them deliver lines to the boys which applied to themselves. Still, it was nice.

Castle: "They've been through way too much together to give up on what they have."
Beckett: "You're a wise man Castle, with a big heart. And you're rather good looking too."
Castle: "You might want to pace yourself with the flattery. You've got a whole dinner to get through."

And I was glad to hear Lanie give us "lividity" once again, between 9 p.m. and midnight.

Picky aside: why did Scott live in his tiny apartment when he had the penthouse at his disposal?

Until next week... um... tonight.

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