Sunday, November 22, 2015

Janet Flash: Preying For Change

by Michael Seese

So, Janet is cat sitting this week. In honor of the ... um, honor, she chose five targeted words for this week's flash fiction contest.


With such a focused set of words, it was hard to come up with the story. (Add to that the fact that I had to unclog the worst toilet backup ever by REMOVING THE TOILET.) But when I got the idea... BAM!

It took about 30 minutes to write "Preying For Change," though that represents

- 15 minutes writing
- 10 minutes cutting ten words
- 5 minutes coming up with the word "nonjudgmental" 

She stands out, her tiger striped spandex a flashing VACANCY sign as she stalks her prey in an urban jungle.

She ignores that he smells like garlic and cops a feel in advance.

She negotiates, accepting $50 instead of the usual $75 because he says it's all he's got, and application fees are higher this year.

She estimates the coefficient of friction before subtly applying some spit.

She goes home. Her father is watching television.

“How was the movie?”

“Lame. Not worth the $10. Goodnight, Daddy.”

She nuzzles with Mr. Whiskers, eliciting an nonjudgmental purr, then vomits in the toilet.

I welcome your opinion.

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