Sunday, May 1, 2016

Janet Flash: Unanswered

by Michael Seese

I guess the previous Janet Reid contest tuckered her out, and she needed a break. But she is back, with a twist.

We still had to write 100 words. But the new wrinkles this week:

1. Start with this phrase:  "And then she saw"
2. End with the phrase: "stunned her."
3. Use these three prompt words: cat   hat   splat

The result was "Unanswered"

And then she saw the hatchet bearing down on her skull. She closed her eyes and waited for the SPLAT or SPLORK or whatever it would be.

The blow never came.

“Well, well,” said a low voice.

Margot peeked. Her deranged ex hung frozen in time. Beside him stood God.

“You haven't spoken to me in 15 years,” He said. “Now you want my help?”

Margot was in no mood for catechesis.

“Seriously?” she fumed. “Drunk pervert father. Abusive husband. I never stopped calling. You didn’t answer. Just go ahead. You've been dying to.”

His Mona Lisa smile stunned her.

We'll find out tomorrow how "Unanswered" did. Until then, what do you think?

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