Sunday, May 8, 2016

Janet Flash: Fifth Wheel

by Michael Seese

Two weeks in a row with a Janet Reid 100-word contest.

This week our mission was to include


Since we are allowed to "expand" the words, I immediately thought of "whee" as "wheel." And out came "Fifth Wheel."

“Just ignore Fifth Wheel,” Eric said to his friends. Elias hated the nickname. But if it meant his big brother would play near him…

“Look, Fifth Wheel, don't tell Mom. Maybe I'll let you keep half your allowance.” Elias, too young to know the word “extortion,” smiled feebly.

“If you don't scream, Fifth Wheel, we'll make this quick,” Eric leered as he and his friends stood, belts at the ready. For a brief moment, Elias saw Dad in Eric's eyes.

When he turned 16, Elias stole the car and took off, making sure Eric learned what four wheels felt like.

Ironically, the day I wrote this, my two boys got along perhaps better than they ever have.

Let me know what you think.

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