Monday, July 25, 2016

Janet Flash: "Not The Flower"

by Michael Seese

When I write something for one of Janet Reid's contests, I always expect to have a good shot at winning. Last time was no exception. But I have to say, the winning entry, penned by Steven D, was pretty darned good.

So this week, I kind of took the idea and turned it on it head. Given:


I came up with “Not The Flower."

You cower. Despite the swelter, you can't stop shivering. The voices are right above you. Poppa warned you about them. The men from the Dark League. Now they're here.

Words fall through the cracks like dust.

"Lilies? Yes, they're beautiful flowers. Oh..."

"Jennings Road. Can't say I'm familiar..."

"Broad daylight..."

"I’ll call if..."

Then silence. Again.

Someone begins prying up a floorboard. Gut-ripping fear gives way to relief when Poppa's face appears.

"Can I come out now?" you ask.

"Not yet, pumpkin. They might come back. Don't worry. You're not the girl they're looking for. I promise."

I don't know about you, but for me second-person narrative seems to ... intimate. More so than first-person.

As always, please share your thoughts.

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