Monday, June 19, 2017

Janet Flash: Gone Forever

by Michael Seese

OK, I'll skip to the end. I co-won!

Last Friday, Janet posted a contest in honor of blog reader Susan Pogorzelski's The Last Letter getting a nice write-up. 

Our mission was to craft a 100-word story using:


Trying to think of what to do with "pogo" my mind went to "hippo go." The story just raced ahead from there.

When Janet announced the winners this morning, I saw I made the short list. But so did an entry by Cecilia Ortiz Luna, which looked a lot like mine. As it turns out, she read my story, and was inspired to finish it. I will admit that I was miffed, at first. But then maturity took over, and I realized I should be flattered that I inspired her, as that's what these contests are about. 

And I will say, her entry is wonderful, too. The easiest way to find it is on the winner's page

So without further ado, I give you the very dark "Gone Forever."

“Where did Mr. Hippo go?”

Children lack the capacity to understand “gone forever.” So you ease them into it. With a story, perhaps.

“Hippos are what's called an endangered species. To protect them a man takes them somewhere safe. Like a zoo. There they practice the letters of the alphabet. And eat lime sherbet.”

“That's my favorite!”

“It is? Imagine that. So I think Mr Hippos’s at the zoo, with his friends. Koalas, tigers ...”

“No. He's at my house. When are you taking me home?”

I imagine her parents will have trouble wrapping their heads around “gone forever” as well.

I welcome your thoughts, criticisms, tears, etc.

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