Sunday, August 20, 2017

Janet Flash: Chess

by Michael Seese

It's been a while since I've written here. As I mentioned before, I've been busy polishing up a few projects. But then along came Janet Reid and another of her 100-word contests, honoring the "hilarious" book Tweet by David Kedson. We'd gotten back from vacation until Saturday afternoon (bear in mind, she posts the contest Friday mornings), and I didn't read about it until Saturday night, about 12 hours before the deadline.  

The five words were:


I immediately thought of the idea for "Chess," and scratched it out in about 20 minutes before the deadline.

Chess seems hard. I like Chutes & Ladders better. But I'll try it. I like learning new stuff. I just wish Jeff was here. He's the best big brother. Always teaching me things. Impressive things, like how to load and fire a gun. He warned me the stuff Tweety Bird does would get Sylvester killed in real life. I wish I'd listened.

I lost already? Wow, chess really is hard. I'm not sure what “best two out of three” means. But I'll try again. The scary man in the black robe says it's the only way I'll ever get Jeff back.

Let's see what Janet says tomorrow, or thereabouts.

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