Sunday, February 18, 2018

Janet Flash: Reunion

by Michael Seese

Realizing that her pet cactus enjoyed The Downside by Mike Cooper:

Janet created the Cuddles The Cactus Flash Fiction Contest. The keywords were:


When I saw "school," I immediately thought of the events in Florida this week, and wrote the topical "Reunion," which I believe treats the topic with respect.

In my stomach lurks a knot not even a Boy Scout could untie, as fate forces me through the doors of my old high school. Now an outsider, I take a bittersour stumble down Memory Lane.

Time is the strangest sort of thief, stealing our innocence, replacing it with a clock, ticking endlessly.


Why didn't anyone hear the alarms go off? I want to scream. But I don't. There was enough screaming today.

“You OK, Officer?” the Chief asks me.

Sometimes I can hide behind my shield. Not today. Seventeen died here. And part of me perished with them.

Please share your thoughts. And your prayers, if you wish.

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