Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Introducing The Extraordinary eTab

by Michael Seese

I guess I could have mentioned this sooner. But that "life" thing can SO get in the way. Better late than never...

In previous posts, I've shown a photo of my hand holding a copy of an anthology that just came out, and included a short story of mine. I always say, "It never gets old."

Though I'm not holding it—yet!—this never gets old either.   

The Extraordinary eTab Of Julian Newcomber is my first foray into children's fiction, also known as MG (for middle grade).

"What's is about?" you ask.

Per my over-worked query letter, which may wind up being the back-jacket blurb:

Twelve-year-old Julian Newcomber knows he has a fitting--what the smart folks call apropos--last name. His family moves constantly due to his Dad's quirky inventions, which have a habit of misbehaving and blowing up the family home. So he's always been the new kid in school.

Now firmly settled in a peaceful and close-knit community, Julian believes he's finally found a home, not to mention a safe haven from his father's calamities. That is, until a vaguely familiar 20-year-old man walks out of the bedroom closet, and identifies himself as future Julian. It turns out that his father's latest contraption, the eTab, alters time. So grown-up Julian decided to take a joyride into the past and dropped his cell phone on a Civil War battlefield. (Who wouldn't want to see Pickett’s Charge, after all?) With his own eTab too low on juice to take him all the way back to his own time, grown-up Julian needs young Julian to locate a quantity of Cucumium so he can go back to the Civil War and retrieve his cell phone, then get home before his parents find out.

The two Julians break rules, break curfews, and break into the Intermediate School in an effort to locate some Cucumium (though they're not exactly sure what it is), so they won't be forced to share the room and fight over the top bunk forever. Oh, and if grown-up Julian stays, it could, as a side effect, pollute the natural timeline and rewrite history as they know it.

No pressure. 

The book will be published May 15 in Canada and June 1 in the U.S. by Common Deer Press, based in Toronto. Please show some love and like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or just visit their site, preferably my page

Tune in tomorrow for more eTab news. 

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