Sunday, February 10, 2019

Janet Flash: Unlatched

by Michael Seese

Janet Reid, like many of us in the US, has been hunkered down during winter's wild ride of late. Or, as she commented, "I was ensconced with Her Grace the Duchess of Yowl for three weeks, and then with Intern Ty for this past week."

You need to frequent her blog to fully understand the cast of characters.

In honor of Ty, this week's contest had a decidedly feline theme. Use:


in a 100-word story. 

Since I didn't want to use "hork" as is, I immediately sought to break it up. My first thought (which I wound up using) as "latch or key." But I also considered "crotch or knee," which would have worked for some kind of street fight story. But sticking with the former, I came up with "Unlatched."

His lips moved. But the words bounced off my eardrums.

My head had room only for silence, undercut by the gentle “purr” of the adjacent freeway. Transfixed by the hypnotic drone of countless steel carcasses, piloted by empty souls who snore through the commute as they catapult toward drudgery, I could imagine the allure it held for a child.

His final question clawed me back to the here and now.

“Sorry?” I mumbled. On several levels.

“The question was, latch or key? How was the gate secured?”

“Key,” I lied, squeezing my wife's hand. I couldn't bear losing her too.

What have you done during the polar vortex of late?

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