Monday, November 11, 2019

Catching Up Janet Flash: What's In A Name

by Michael Seese

I had a busy few weeks, so I didn't get a chance to post this...

In late October, Janet decided to "thwart the Fort" by devising the "It's A Scary Flash Fiction contest."

Use john, nick, drew, ward, mike in a 100-word story. But to answer the "Forti Challenge," they could not be used as names. I started with breaking "mike" into "from IKEA." And the rest of "What’s In A Name?" fell into place.

I had to jimmy the lock to get out of the john. The day cascaded donhill from there. The wallyswitch sizzled, frizzling my hair. The clothes rod bent awkwardly, almost pierceing my heart. Frankly, if I had a nickel for every disaster du jour, I'd be rich. Awash in cash.

"This is billshit," I said, nerves frayed, neally tripping down the rickety parallel-challenged stairs.

My hindsight, full of regret, re-read the ad.

"Easy assembly! Illustrated instructions!"

Yeah, in Swedish.

I should've paid attentian to the lonely inner voice telling me I'd rew the day I purchased my house from IKEA.

By my count, there are 26 boy's names. Can you find them all? 

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