Sunday, February 23, 2020

Janet Flash: Bard From Flying

by Michael Seese

Still giddy from reading not one, but two ARCs by author Allison Montclair, super agent Janet Reid created a contest with both books (The Right Sort Of Man and A Royal Affair) as the prize. 


Paying homage to the author and title, we were to craft a story using the words:


I wanted to use "Mont" in some form of "I'm on the..." I settled on the idea of being on a plane. At first, I had my antagonist be an old lady with knitting needles. Then I came up with the "punchline," and the rest fell into place. 

What a day.

One minute, I'm on the plane, fingernails etching trenches into the armrests of 22B. The next, I'm sweating in a Turkish prison.

A little éclaircissement...

Despite my fear of flying, I booked a midsummer dream vacation to Rome. All was copacetic, until some fancy-pants parked his royal attitude in 22C and pulled out a quill pen the size of a javelin. I freaked, and slapped his shiny pate with a partially eaten Twixt Bard.

And to think, the whole affair could have been avoided had I remembered Shakespeare's words.

22B, or not 22B: that is the question.

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself for working Shakespeare and Airplane! into the same 100-word story. 

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