Sunday, September 20, 2020

Flash Friday: Hom(p)eless

by Michael Seese

I'm happy to report I was able to get a Flash Friday! entry posted this week, despite being dead tired. (Life is hard.) 

We were given this picture









and asked to write an exactly 93-word story that included either an animal or a plant. I considered something like "Ficus and I rode the train home..." about a man who had gotten fired, and was taking his possessions home from the office. Then I morphed into thinking about a literal animal, like a seeing-eye dog. But then I hit on the idea of a figurative dog, and from that idea came "Hom(p)eless."

My "bed" smells like their asses. The designer soap scented weekday warriors in Armani armor, riding the iron steed into battle against their corporate dragons.

But the gentle rhythmic sway allows me the luxury of dreaming I'm floating free, a capricious sailboat navigating gentle seas. The lingering Chanel n°5, I imagine are hibiscus blossoms adorning the head of a tropical beauty.

Alas, my blissful dream withers under morning's glare. I gather my tattered things and take refuge in a dark corner, like a whipped cur which, in their unforgiving eyes, I truly am.

Kinda sad. But I do like the imagery. Tomorrow, we'll learn what the judges thought.

And, I hope neither I, nor any of my friends, find myself in his position. 

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