Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Castle: "Once Upon A Crime"

What a Grimm case Castle and Beckett investigated this week. Ha-ha-ha. But seriously...

You might have noticed that I didn't review part 2 of "Pandora" (titled "Linchpin") yet. That would be because we haven't seen it yet. But we were able to catch this week's show live last night. I'm sure we'll get back to "Pandora" soon enough. But at least my fears have been allayed; whatever the doomsday thing was, Castle and Beckett don't die...what a relief!

This episode, to me, was very "satisfying" because it represented a return to the "basics." Though I'm getting ahead of myself since I haven't yet seen the second part of the previous story arc, shows like that one and a previous "save New York from a nuclear device" episode just seem too...I don't know...BIG. Let's just let Castle and Beckett solve tricky, quirky murders in New York City, and leave preventing World War III to James Bond.

So down from my soapbox...

There were two things about the "Who Done It" that I found particularly clever:

1. This is the first time (which I can recall) that someone went from victim to suspect to guilty party. I thought the attempt at a switcheroo -- arresting the extortionist brother-in-law -- was a noble effort, but I didn't fall for it; I looked at the clock, read 10:45, and said, "Too early."

2. It was a visual clue which led to solving the case. Though I have no doubt that when we first saw "Sleeping Beauty" the bow was, in fact, vertical, I didn't catch it. But Castle did. Nice touch.

Otherwise, I registered a few noteworthy lines:

"I'm going to erase that image from my mind with a bottle of scotch."
"You're cute when you get angry. Not when you get angry at me."

Esposito in a suit? What the ... ?

And (yes) as always there were plenty of looks. But the best:

Castle: "There is a very avant garde subculture of fairy tale role playing."
Beckett: "And you know this how...?" (Good look.)
Castle, dreamily: "Bo Peep." (GREAT look.)

Based on the lack of a preview, I'm guessing there is no new show next Monday. So I imagine we'll have time to watch last week's in the interim.

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