Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Results Are In....

...and the winners are...

Late last week, I sponsored a contest, my self-admitted "blatant" attempt to get visitors to my blog. It had to be the easiest content, ever: follow me, and win a chance to get a copy of one of my books.

Two people took me up on the offer. Both were friends. So (at the risk of whining) while I am disappointed that I didn't get any people outside of my circle, I am very grateful that I have such supportive friends.

David and Sharon will both get a book of their choosing. I know Sharon's address, and have reached out to David.

But wait...there's more...

Since my generosity knows no bounds (quiet, everyone) I also have decided to give a copy to Dianne, who started following me the day before I announced the contest.

Assuming nothing goes awry, as mentioned before, my short story "Worm Herding" will be appearing in the upcoming Pill Hill Press compilation BUGS. The publisher says it will come out in April. So I may try a similar contest again.

Let me conclude by repeating that I really am grateful to each and every one of you, those who follow me openly, as well as those who subscribe.

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