Saturday, February 16, 2013

Castle: Death Gone Crazy

By Michael Seese

I has been a while. Think we're still two shows behind.

"Death Gone Crazy" featured perhaps the greatest number of finger-points of any episode I can recall. I think I counted three or four instances of, "I didn't kill him. But I think I know who did." 

Who was it: the rejected ex-girlfriend? The conservative campaigner? The bodyguard? My wife's early bet was Gary Moore, the COO of Beau Randolph's company; mine was Candice Mayfield. (It was just the way she said, "I've never even seen this guy [Randolph] before.") But in the end (SPOILER!!!) it was someone who hadn't even been considered a suspect.

Typical Castle fair. (Still good, mind you.)

Actually, I think this one featured more characters than any I can recall. Seven suspects, based on my reckoning. And, as mentioned, the murderer never really was a suspect. That's probably why Martha had a token appearance at the beginning, and Captain Gates had the day off.

My favorite lines...

Esposito: "Tennis shoes are practical. They can support your..."
Castle: "Eject."

Esposito: "Whoa! Did you hear that? She broke his nose."
Ryan: "Yeah, so?"
Esposito: "So? That's hot."
Ryan: "Who are you?"

Then building on that, "She broke a guy's nose. She's got to be freaky."

Ryan: "I never thought I'd say this after sixth-grade graduation. Our bra research is done."

They even gave Beckett some grammar chops.
Castle: "Two words: Vito Corleone." 
Beckett: "Technically those are names, not words."


Castle's bug-eyed look rant when he discovered his daughter's vlog. "My day is not today. That day is not today. Today is the day of the Internet stalker."

(As an aside, when Castle talked to Alexis about it, I thought she got rather snippy, rather quickly. For once, he was being genuinely caring and advice-giving, rather than preaching.)

And Castle's face throughout the interview with Mindy.

 Next up: "Recoil."

Feel free to share your thoughts about "Death Gone Crazy." If you still remember the show, that is... 

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