Monday, February 18, 2013

Castle: Reality Star Struck

By Michael Seese

Three nights...three episodes of Castle. So we're all caught up. For about seven more hours, that is. I enjoyed "Reality Star Struck." Perhaps because "reality" TV is an eye-rolling phenomenon in my world, and therefore, anything that skewers it is OK in my book.

Naturally, the absurdity gave Castle plenty of grist for his acerbic wit. Yes, lots of lines and looks. But before I get to that, I suppose I could discuss the plot. Much like "Recoil," the murderer (SPOILER!) turned out to be someone who had not even been considered a suspect. And, if memory serves, like "Recoil," the killer had not even spoken a line up to the "We know you did it" speech. At least in this case, the murderer had a name. Last week, I think he was just "the driver," at least until taken into custody.

As an aside, when they arrested Penelope, I couldn't help but notice the several small scars on her left shoulder. I wonder if Gina Torres (who, incidentally, appeared in "Serenity" with Nathan Fillion) has had her rotator cuff repaired, as have I.  

As another aside, when Castle and Beckett busted Penelope and Bob in bed, my wife said, "They staged it for the ratings." And she was right!

I thought Captain Gates's obsession with "The Wives Of Wall Street" represented yet another peek into to quirky other side, much like her love of the "Gemini dolls" in "Secret's Safe With Me." And Castle's descent into fandom during his all-nighter was portrayed stupendously. Then the writers brought it all together by having Castle and Gates animatedly discuss it. 

 On to the lines.

Ryan: "I feel like the rooster in the hen house. Except for there's only one hen. A very bossy hen."

Peter Monroe: "You have to find who did this. The audience will want to know."
Castle: "Yeah, not to mention her family, D.A."

Castle: "All these clues will fit into a beautiful murderous mosiac."

Castle: "It's like eating one potato chip."
Beckett: "I usually eat one potato chip."

Castle: "You two back together? Spoiler alert!"

And then the follow-up.

Castle: "I wouldn't make fun..." (Laughs) "Fish in a barrel..."

The latter probably accompanied my favorite "look."


I'm going out on a limb here to say that tonight's episode probably will score low on the "chuckle-meter." I'll make two predictions. When Beckett says, "Castle, please, you don't need to see this:"

1. "This" is a blood-soaked jacket belonging to Alexis, and
2. The moment he sees it, and the camera shows everyone's worried faces. the show will fade to black. 

Feel free to chime in on "Reality Star Struck." 

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  1. Was this the one with the line "Cockadoodledoo" when Ryan came in late (from babymaking)? Or was that the episode before? Either way, I cracked up when Castle said that!

    We also watch the shows on the DVR, but usually get them watched within a day or two, so last night's episode will probably be watched tonight or tomorrow night.