Sunday, June 23, 2013


By Michael Seese 

I know... you've seen one SPAM, you've seen them all. But something about this one struck me as REALLY funny. Remember my mantra: hover over the links to see where they want to take you. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see where the purple "Print Shipment Label" goes.

Since you probably can't read it, it says, ""

Yes, nothing says FedEx like "bitches" and "strap-on." Click to tweet.

PS: I swear, one of these days we'll watch the season finale of "Castle."


  1. I guess more people give FedEx their e-mail address than I realized for these stupid e-mails to work.

    Now that you're back from your vacation, you have no excuse not to watch Castle! Get thee to the DVR! :)

  2. Actually, the way my email address was configured, it would suggest that an online florist I used had their email account list snagged.

    We'll get to "Castle." We did watch "The Amazing Spiderman" this weekend.

  3. I've been toying with the idea of a scene where cops find a spamming/bank-phishing boiler room where the staff are murdered and their accounts have been cleaned out by a shadowy organization.

    I think it would at least be satisfying to write, if not read...

    I just got a phone call ten minutes ago from someone who was pretending that I won $2,600 on some stupid internet thing. Usually, I just string them along, but today I unloaded on the guy. I'm sitting in a city where over 100,000 residents had been evacuated over the weekend, and these jerks are still calling active numbers trying to clean out our credit cards.

    Somebody who just got home to find their basement flooded (not covered by most insurance policies) might just jump at what seems to be a little bit of good luck and end up even further in the hole.

    But enough about that - looking forward to hearing what you think about the season finale of Castle!

  4. Hahaha, that is hilarious :) Spam can be so creative sometimes.

    And AG, you are AWESOME. I can't believe they'd call the residents near Calgary (that's where you are, right, with all the flash floods?) and try scamming them. They deserve to be unloaded on.