Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Farmer In The Dell

By Michael Seese

Super agent Janet Reid is at it again. Her latest 100-word contest required us to use the words:

codswollop codswallop (thank you @A_M_Pierre!)

Here is my entry.

“Come on!” Ian shouted as “23” illuminated, and the elevator stopped. He had no time for codswallop. He had to get out. Now. Before...

The doors opened. In stepped Mrs. Grisham, the kindly widow one floor below him.

“Hello, dear.”

No time for pleasantries. He was nearby. Somewhere. Waiting to kill. Again.

“Mrs. Grisham! You must go!”


“He’s coming! For me! For us!”


“Baa,” Ian said, calmly.

“What, dear?”


“I don’t—”

“The farmer in the dell...” he sang before plunging the ice pick into her chest.

No word yet on the winner. I'll let you know.

Beware the Farmer In The Dell. Click to tweet.

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