Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Castle: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

By Michael Seese

I really enjoyed "Smells Like Teen Spirit," despite the fact that, upon further reflection, the underlying plot was COMPLETELY IMPLAUSIBLE. (Even more implausible than the fact that Beckett wears 4" heels without impeding her efforts to chase down bad guys.)


So, we have not 1, not 2, but 3 pampered teen princesses who manage to slip out of their Manhattan penthouses several times a week (don't their parents at least stick their heads in the room to say "Good morning") who also have the skills to defeat security systems (not to mention lobby cameras), and the requisite ninja training to sneak past the sleeping occupants in order to steal valuables?

Please! The telekinetic theory holds more water.

Putting that aside, I did enjoy the episode. As we've seen many times before, Castle tries to sell the supernatural angle, and Beckett ain't buying. Then, all the pieces come together lightning fast at the end, and fit into a coherent (albeit COMPLETELY IMPLAUSIBLE) explanation.

The beginning was very cool. It was neat to see such a bizarre murder playing out in real-time.

That pretty much sums it up. On to lines...

Beckett: "What's a party without a DJ?"
Castle: "That's rhetorical, right?"

Beckett: "OK, Castle. Let's hear it."
Castle: "Isn't it obvious? Madison made The Hulk angry."

Castle: "I cannot wait to tell Stephen [King] about this."

Beckett: "Bearer bonds? I thought those only existed in Die Hard." My aside: And Beverly Hills Cop.

Castle: "1987. The year the Bangles taught us to walk like an Egyptian..." and the subsequent musical references.

And THE look: Beckett's smirk when Castle slinked into the principal's office.

Three picky observations, aside from the COMPLETELY IMPLAUSIBLE thing.

1. Castle grew up poor. How did he manage to attend a swanky private school?
2. The first suspect -- the victim's ex-boyfriend --  was described as being 6' 2", 245 pounds. The kid they had playing him was nowhere near 245 pounds.
3. Perhaps I missed something, but Jordan knew that Lucas staged the cafeteria event...right? If so, why would she spend money buying books on telekinesis, and seeking out that charlatan doctor?

Oh well.

Feel free to share your thoughts on "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

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