Thursday, October 23, 2014

Castle: "Child's Play"

by Michael Seese

I don't have a lot to say about this episode. It wasn't my favorite. I give the writers an A for effort though. But overall, I was lukewarm to "Child's Play."

I think the main problem was that since Castle and Beckett had to divide and conquer, there wasn't as much "mind melding" going on.

Still, I did have a lot of little "loves."

- I loved the concept of potato chip fudge ice cream. (Which does exist, by the way.) 

- Also loved Beckett's face when Castle fed her some.

- I loved the way when the skeptical kids literally perked up when Castle said, "If you can tell a story, you can write a story."

- And, who couldn't love Castle and Emily's fairy tea party? 

I only wrote down two lines of note:

Castle: "Being 95% kid myself."

Castle: "Neat trick," said to Mrs. Ruiz when she said "Class," and they all sat down.

OK a few nitpicks...

- Castle was a surprise visitor to the school. So I'm hard pressed to imagine that Jason's father really talked about Richard Castle and that his books "suck."

- Likewise, I find it hard to believe that the clerk at the mailbox store actually memoried Anton's P.O. Box.

Oh well. Looking forward to next week.

Tell me what you thought about "Child's Play."

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  1. Castle was playing my son when he was in the principal's office and picked up that puzzle ball (and my son is 32). That he said "easy" is exactly what my son would have said, too. He can't resist puzzles! I thought the episode was cute.