Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flash! Friday: "Moonbeam"

by Michael Seese

At the risk of being immodest, I'm pretty darned happy with this week's Flash! Friday effort. Last week, you may recall, the photo prompt was two men playing chess. But the winning entry -- a VERY good story -- had nothing at all to do with chess, save for a reference to photos of grandmasters on the wall.

But I didn't even come close to thinking "That's cheating. He really didn't use the prompt." Instead, I saw it as an opportunity to use the photo truly as inspiration -- a launching point -- for a story. I made a conscious effort to do that this week.

So with that out of the way, this is the photo.


We also had to include "bankruptcy." Below is "Moonbeam."

Stop it!” I yelled. “You’re hurting Moonbeam!”

The soldiers ignored me. Papa stood still, like a statue. His face was red. He’s been looking like that a lot lately, ever since the soldiers came to live in our town. I don’t think Papa likes them. But I think they’re nice. I see them doing nice things, like helping people get to the trains.

Papa said der F├╝hrer is morally bankrupt. I had to look up that word. It means you have no money. Maybe that’s why he took our bakery.

My brothers and I used to play guns. Once the soldiers came, Papa told us to stop.

But what’s wrong with playing war?” I asked. “Nobody gets hurt.”

He patted my head. “Then perhaps they should put you in charge of all wars”

Ja,” said one of them. We can use the horse. We have no need for the children.”

That was the first time I heard Papa scream.

What do you think?

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