Thursday, May 7, 2015

Winner! Winner!

by Michael Seese

In a post the other week, I touched upon a few of the things I had written of late.

- a 500-story to MASH stories. (Rejected)
- a 3,400-word update of a classic to Crossroads In The Dark. (Still pending.)
- a nifty little piece (piling up the favorites) to Three Line Thursday. (The eventual winner.)  

This week was pretty good, too. My Three Line Thursday entry from a week ago took second place. To save you the trouble of hunting for it (but here's a link, if you want to) I'll post it below. 

Here is the photo:


And my three-line response:

a pastel lake
seems like a nicer place
to drown 

Then to cap off the week, my Flash! Friday entry "Monkey See" was named the WINNER! My fourth crown. 

These are the judge's comments. (I'll admit I'm a complete whore for praise.)

J – The inescapability of the scenario was made just that much worse by the tiny flicker of hope which in the end trapped the narrator more securely than any lock. Let go of the key, let go of hope…hold the key, Sheila dies. This was an effort in futility from the very beginning and such a brilliant approach to the prompt, absolutely stunning in the execution… no pun intended and a well-deserved win.

IR – Oh the curse of our poor narrator! Much like J, I found the claustrophobia, echoed with the bleak stripped down layers of description, to bring to the fore the inertia of our would-be hero. In particular the shift from fractured torment into the realisation that we are in the midst of some dystopian game show was deftly executed without losing focus on the fear of our protagonists. The theme of catch 22 perfectly captured, the photo prompt delivered to the proverbial T, a worthy winner.

And here, should you still be awake, is my winner's interview.

Let's see if I can keep the string going, either with Three Line Thursday or Flash! Friday this week....


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