Sunday, October 22, 2017

Janet Flash: Spotlight

by Michael Seese


The kids are back in school, so that means sports, and lessons, and homework, and Scouts. (If you want to buy some Scout popcorn, let me know.)

And as mentioned somewhere in the past, I haven't posted much here because I've been focusing on a new book. Then along comes Janet to break the monotony. 

Thoroughly thrilled with MarcyKate Connolly's book Shadow Weaver, Janet sponsored a contest.

Write a 100-word story, using:


Since it's fun to spread out the keywords across multiple words, I tried to think of how I could use "weaver." I came up with "weave realities." And the rest of "Spotlight" fell into place.

Countless cameras flash as I step onto the red carpet and into the glare of scrutiny.

I spackle on the magic smile, and they buy the act. They can't see the shadow of shame consuming my flesh. Starstruck, they weave realities, imagining what it's like.


Some of us made deals with the devil.

“You can be a star, darling. I just need one thing...”

Others said “No deal.” But he took their soul anyway.

I escape into the lobby. And breathe. Surreptitiously eyeing the other Beautiful People, I wonder how many are thinking what I am.


Topical, no?

As always I welcome your feedback on this story, or on the recent revelations coming out of Hollywood.

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  1. A sensitive topic, sensitively portrayed. You have managed to say an awful lot in your 100 words. Well written - well done.