Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Small Victory...Literally

By Michael Seese

In a past post or two, I mentioned that my poem, "The Daily Caffeine Stream" had been accepted for the Medusa's Laugh Press "Overplay/Underdone" compilation. More recently, I posted a picture of the cover.

Back in April, I saw that the folks at Medusa were accepting submissions for another anthology, titled "Miniature Book MicroText Anthology." They sought "compelling short works for this anthology of microfiction, micro creative nonfiction and very short poems. This work will be produced as a limited edition miniature book."

I submitted a poem--which didn't make it--and a short story...


Specifically I sent them, "A Lifetime Ago," which I had entered into one of the Janet Reid 100-word contests, in early January. It was the winner.

No word yet on when "MicroText" will be published. But I'm sure you'll hear it from me.

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  1. I don't know... Getting published should be more than a small victory! I should be HUGE! So, congratulations!

    Anyway, I guess my small victory is that my editor likes my book, but I still have to fix it before she can offer me a contract. I'll take that victory - it certainly gives me motivation toward revising.

  2. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!